online coaching & training

Katrice offers personal coaching and training in the following areas.

Please note these are not therapy sessions though they involve personal reflection on the part of the participants.



A one-to-one 12 week course (one hour per week for 12 weeks) that covers:

  • Creating the story.

  • Crafting the details

  • Memorising material

  • Using the voice

  • Using the body

  • Focus on character.



This is a 6 hour course, one hour every fortnight. Tasks are given that need to be undertaken in the intervening week. The course enables people who have a future vision, identify a way forward, identify what can be holding them back and create the story they want to happen.



Katrice offers private coaching for storytellers of all levels and is currently developing online courses for groups in this area.



Katrice is also developing a 6 month training programme that will be group based and focus on her Narrative4Change work. It had been planned to take place, with two residentials being incorporated, before Covid19. She is currently looking for ways of using digital media to develop this as an online course.

amy martin
the parakeet

Katrice is warm and generous, and time spent with her was so nourishing and supportive. I was heard and understood, ideas and themes were given space to develop and evolve. I was taken through a journey to better understand the nature and structure of a good story and to greater understand how I should tell my own story. But more than that, Katrice helped me to realise I had a story and it was a story worth telling. 

As a result of the sessions I have all the notes, ideas and actions and I have tangible narrative ideas that I can take on and develop. It has been one of the most powerful coaching journeys for me, and I absolutely recommend you to invest in this opportunity for yourself, your ideas and your project.