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Training for

Katrice is available to design and deliver training within your organisation or community. 

She can offer a range of training days or residencies to explore the following:


Identifying how we can best support each other to work at our best.

the story

Identifying and developing a strong and meaningful strategic narrative for your company.


Creating a shared future vision and identifying the steps for achieving it.

your story

Katrice is also available for bespoke training tailored to your organisational needs.


Nicholas Daking

Strategic Partner Nordea Bank ​

I had the pleasure of attending a two-day workshop facilitated by Katrice and the experience was incredible! The workshop was focused on a group of 12 high-performers in our organisation and Katrice took us through a process of exploring storytelling, in terms of its importance and why tone, body language, pace and the overall narrative are so critical to us all in every walk of life. Through the process, there was an opportunity to explore our personal stories and journeys and therefore we learned about storytelling and its impact, but also how it supported reflection and transformation.

Given the growing importance and impact of storytelling in today’s world, I can’t recommend Katrice highly enough as an engaging, thought provoking, challenging and enlightener in this field.

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