& communities 

Katrice has vast experiences of helping both organisations and communities grow and develop. Her work utilises Theory of Change structures, Narrative Processes and Clean Questioning. This has resulted in a technique that she calls Narrative4Change, (N4C). The resulting effect  is deeply impactful and sustainable.This work has taken place in prison communities, hospital communities, refugee camps, corporate business settings and local neighbourhoods. Some main areas of application are highlighted below.


In order to understand what it is to be a good leader we first have to deconstruct our beliefs around leadership as well as find out about the beliefs of the people who we will be leading. The N4C  technique enables this to happen in a way that is supportive and non-threatening whilst being challenging. This enables people to confront unconscious bias and beliefs.



Whether in a company or a community, effective change can only happen if we have a shared vision on our horizon and a clear path of how to get there. N4C ensures that this takes place, with deep reflection, the sharing of personal narratives and the sharing of responsibility and tasks.

working at

our best

What do we need to work at our best? This question is at the heart of this process and it is shared to enable others to help us achieve the answer. N4C develops this through a layered process that starts with individuals, then groups/departments to whole organisations and or communities.



In order to fully understand another person’s story we first need to understand our own. Through a process of deconstruction and identification N4C starts to remove the walls of resistance and build  bridges of shared understanding.

Sian Ansell
Early Language & Communication Advisor 

Katrice has delivered several individually tailored Communication workshops for Early Years teachers, practitioners and parents here in Essex as part of the Every Child a Talker Initiative. The feedback received from the delegates reflected the inspirational impact of Katrices training and her approaches and strategies continue to be embedded within early years daily provision. I can highly recommend her.