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public Speaking 


Katrice has delivered keynotes in over 20 different countries on 4 different continents and has a reputation as a passionate and inspiring public speaker. Her audience has ranged from corporate clients, festival participants climate activists, education authorities, librarians, criminologists and many more!

All of her presentations explore the power of story in creating positive change and how we can start identifying and deconstructing maladaptive narratives. If you have a specific request feel free to reach out.


Some of her talks include:


The Red Thread


The 'Red Thread' is a phrase commonly used in Sweden to describe a central theme that connects diverse subjects or ideas. In this presentation Katrice shares how each of us has a 'Red Thread' of identity and beliefs that are created through the words and stories that have been used to describe us and our cultures.

She explores how this impacts on us as educators/leaders and how the words we use to describe 'others' and ourselves can be constructive or destructive. In this engaging and insightful presentation Katrice shares the latest research that highlights the power stories have in altering behaviour and enabling people to understand and retain information on a much deeper level and how this all helps us connect as humans.


The Power of Story


In this presentation Katrice shares the neuroscience of narrative and highlights how this can be used to enhance our connection with others and create deep meaning. Her talk includes interactive tasks for the audience and a liberal dose of engaging personal anecdotes to support her message.


There is no Normal


In this talk Katrice explores limitations of having a single narrative and a fixed idea of what is normal. Through a humorous yet challenging presentation she offers a range of new perspectives for looking at our stories and the stories of others with curiosity and humbleness. She fast forwards us through cultural narratives, colonial narratives and community narratives and asks us to reflect on their impact in our personal and professional lives.


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