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Personal coaching

Katrice is available for personal, bespoke coaching specifically designed for your situation and needs.


Amy Martin

Freelance creative producer

& founder The Parakeet

I watched a YouTube video by Katrice and by using her advice I gave a presentation that got me the job. I was so affected by the experience I contacted Katrice for narrative coaching. It was was really brilliant. Katrice is warm and generous, and time spent with her was so nourishing and supportive. I was heard and understood, ideas and themes were given space to develop and evolve. I was taken through a journey to better understand the nature and structure of a good story and to greater understand how I should tell my own story. But more than that, Katrice helped me to realise I had a story and it was a story worth telling. 

As a result of the sessions I have all the notes, ideas and actions and I have tangible narrative ideas that I can take on and develop. It has been one of the most powerful coaching journeys for me, and I absolutely recommend you to invest in this opportunity for yourself, your ideas and your project. 

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