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adult audiences

Katrice has a range of storytelling shows that she has performed around the world from Singapore International Storytelling Festival to Cape Clear in Ireland and everywhere in-between.


Devil maiden and crow

(60 Minutes) 

This show is based on a traditional Hungarian folktale about a young woman who conjures up the devil as a lover. Incantatory and spellbinding, the show includes creation myths, spoken word and poetic refrains.



(60 Minutes) 

A powerful story that is based around the savagery of war and the redemption of forgiveness. It incorporates dream sequences from ancient Persia, Buddhist tales and powerful imagery.


stepping off the path

(45 Minutes) 

A delicious and sensual re-telling of a well known fairytale incorporating motifs from Sudan and Japan.



(90 Minutes) 

A strong performance that explores the corsetry of social constructs upon the female form. There are laugh-out moments of comedy that come from the character of Edna, a woman who personifies the goddess Baubo and who induces belly laughter as a form of resistance. The show incorporates powerful slam poetry style sections to enhance its message.


song of the selkie

(60 Minutes) 

A piece that stitches together Japanese ghost stories and celtic mythology. It tells the story of a blind nun whose voice can conjure up the dead and of crabs with human faces that clitter-clatter to listen to their history being sung.


Hair and Fur, Skin and Scale

(60 Minutes) 

A show that is an homage to the work of Angela Carter. Surreal, disturbing but ultimately hopeful. Audiences are mesmerised by the floating island of hair, the carnival and the unusual characters who work there: Kitsune, the Japanese Fox-Woman with a strip of red fur down her spine, Amotia, a tiny man with skin like elephant hide and feel that face backwards and the young girl whose life and experiences we follow throughout the show.


children and families

Katrice has a vast repertoire of engaging and interactive tales suitable for tots to teenagers that she combines in a range of ways to fit the unique needs of the audience.

cath edwards
storytelling promoter & artist


I have had the pleasure of hosting Katrice several times; she is a dream to work with -   professional, meticulously prepared and a delightful person into the bargain. In performance, she is passionate and committed: her facial expression, her voice, her physicality, her gestures all in harmony, expressing the story and her depth of feeling. Audiences are transported and enthralled, and they say so!

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