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Katrice has a background in child development and child play. She can deliver training in the following areas:

Early Years Language Development

This covers supporting participants in their storytelling ability as well as supplying research on children’s language development, the neuroscience of narrative and techniques for supporting language acquisition through story.

Emotional Literacy through Sensory Storytelling

This offers a way of supporting the emotional literacy of students and children through a range of sensory approaches to promote language and empathy.

The Story of Behaviour Change

This offers a range of techniques for how we can use stories to change behaviour within our classrooms and staff-rooms.

Leadership and Narrative

This training explores the story of Leadership in terms of archetypes and story. What type of a leader are you and how do you communicate your message to your teams? In working with story we take a deep dive into internally held beliefs that we were not even aware we had.

Change the Story, Change the Mindset

"A mindset is nothing more than a story someone believes about themselves." This training offers educators knowledge and techniques that they can use to help students create positive narratives about themselves as 'Successful Learners.'


Katrice can offer a range of bespoke training, tailored to the needs of your educational institution.

​Meryl Sangare
School Improvement Officer
Liverpool County Council

Katrice has been a fabulous inspiration to both school leaders and children across Liverpool. Fabulous keynote and in-school practitioner. Always inspires with her energy and enthusiasm for life and education. 

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