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Katrice Horsley


Katrice Horsley is an international narrative strategist, trainer and performance storyteller who has over 30 years experience in the field of training and story.

From researching and experiencing the power that story wields in creating powerful change, she has developed a narrative-based process that enables organisations, communities and individuals to start to create the stories they want to live. Come and find out how she can help you.


Coaching & Training 

The Narrative4Change training courses have been designed to equip individuals with the tools to use narrative to bring about positive transformation. Learn more about the upcoming online coaching and training opportunities that can help you create change.


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un-stuffing our story

The Podcast

What stories do we believe about ourselves and others and where did they come from? In this podcast we start to unravel the narratives that form us, identify where they came from and own our own story! The podcast will be fortnightly and is hosted by Katrice Horsley who comes with over 30 years of experience as a storyteller and training developer. She will invite a range of guests from poets to community activists to help us gain the tools to narrate our own lives.

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“Trees are shaped by the wind but people are shaped by words.”

Joan Aitken

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