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Narrative 4 change?

Narrative4Change uses a Theory of Change Framework, combined with specially designed narrative-based processes in order to create deep and meaningful change within organisations, communities and individuals.

The technique is developed by Katrice Horsley in response to the gap she identified in traditional training techniques, that often provide facts without engaging emotions or providing meaning to those involved. This results in people feeling they cannot use what they have heard, as it does not apply to them in their work or personal lives.

We now know that storytelling can be a powerful tool in change and development, producing a range of chemical reactions in the brain that create emotions such as trust, joy, and excitement as well as fear and anxiety. 

With the Narrative4Change approach, people are able to map out visions and aspirations, sense how they will feel when they accomplish them and then design and develop the journey they need to take in order to achieve them. 

If you wish to create powerful, impactful and meaningful change, this is the system to use.

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about katrice horsley


Katrice Horsley is an International Narrative Consultant and former UK National Storytelling Laureate.

She has a background in Child Play and Development and worked for many years within Birmingham delivering their City Play Training Course as well as working as a Youth and Community Worker.

She lived and worked in Ghana for 6 years and whilst there delivered and designed training for UNICEF, DFID and UNHCR as well as developing a TV show that used storytelling to help children learn.

She now works internationally designing and delivering training for a range of National and International organisations as well as performing at a range of International Storytelling Festivals.

She is published by Routledge (The Evaluator’s Cookbook) and is presently working on a workbook about her Narrative4Change Training.  She has also written an award winning bereavement resource for the British Heart Foundation that is available online.

Her passion is to ‘give voice’ to those who feel they have no story to tell or who are unable to speak it out. This work has taken her into high security prisons, to areas of high conflict such as Gaza and into the slums of Nairobi. 

Her passion for her work is infectious and after delivering at a range of conferences, the words most often used to describe her are ‘inspiring,’ and ‘passionate.’

Her new Narrative4Change work is taking her into the area of Adverse Childhood Experiences, City Planning and Design, Re-storying of communities and developing ‘Sense of Place,’ through narrative.

If you are interested in knowing more about her and her work please email her or follow her on Twitter @katricehorsley #narrative4change

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“Trees are shaped by the wind but people are shaped by words.”

Joan Aitken


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