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The New Course - Narrative4Connection.

This beautiful image is a Dixit card. It is a board game about storytelling, however I just use the cards in a range of different ways in the work that I do. This is one of my favourite cards as it represents true connection for me, between meaning and feeling. Both of these should be presen when we are involved in the work of communication, leadership and facilitation. This new course shows you how to do this.

It was born out of research I did last year, asking what my subscribers needed, what were the best times and hours for them etc. This is the first course to come from the responses and I really like the way it has pulled together and included all that I am passionate about and experienced in.

It is primarily aimed at people who want to work with narrative and leverage the power of storytelling in their professional lives. This would include anybody in a leadership role, anybody involved in design thinking, anybody who is a storyteller but wants to develop that into something wider or anybody who has to deliver a specific training package and wants to find ways of tweaking their delivery to make it more impactful.

It is delivered over 6 x 2 hour sessions and this is what is covered:

  1. Seed of Self - Exploring processes that enable people to start with themselves. This engages with intrinsic as well as extrinsic values and means they bring 'all' of themselves into the process.

  2. Visioning the Forest - Sharing future visioning processes based around what futures people want to create. This can be organisational visioning, community visioning and personal. The process shared is more deeply impactful than T.O.C (Theory of Change) and more engaging as it uses the power personal metaphor as well as a technique for creating small achievable steps towards the vision.

  3. Our Need for Nurture - Here I share processes that help people identify what their specific needs are for working at their best and a way of building these into organisational change. It utilises Clean Questioning Techniques as well as hands-on art-based activities for people to use.

  4. Mycellium Networks - In this session we focus upon the strength of collaborative approaches and how we can build and maintain them. Our strength lies in our intersections.

  5. Softening the Soil - Here we look at how we can 'plant' and work with new stories in order to break up the the hardened soil of negative, systemic narratives.

  6. Harvesting the Knowledge - The final session will be sharing a range of techniques and skills for taking the work further.

You can see there is a metaphor in the design of the training which supports the fact that it is a cycle that can be revisited as and when change occurs.

I really hope some of you can join me on the training. The closing date is February 11th and costs and details can be found on my website here.

I will also be running The Red Thread Course in the Autumn plus a new course called Topography of the Imagined - all about immersing ourselves in the landscape of fairytale and myth in order to orientate ourselves better in our present time. Details to come soon.

If you are interested in any of these please email me at

Thanks for reading this


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