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I have started a podcast and am incredibly excited about it. You can click on the image to listen to it on Spotify but it is also available on Apple and all other platforms. This page will be for all the series links that I will post on the Instagram account of the same name. So please subscribe and follow.

The series will have invited guests as well as myself talking about how we have changed our narratives or helped others become the owners and creators of their own stories. Expect playfulness, wisdom, curiosity, laughter, authenticity and a healthy dose of challenge!

You can record messages for the guests on this link - I will let you know the dates they need to be received in the descriptions below!


Dates for Series 1 of the podcast


30th Oct 2020


We will launch our first interview with the incredible Anthony Anaxagorou

An incredible poet, activist publisher and writer. Find out more about him by clicking the link.

13th Nov 2020


We will be be in conversation with Sandra Carter aka Applz Sanra. A woman who is a creative entrepreneur, author, music producer, the Dyslexic Godmother and has been a mentor and role model to many.

Take a look at her website www.kettorah.com to know more and if you have any questions for her please record them on the link above -  they may be chosen to be played on the show! Send questions by Nov 8th.

27th Nov 2020


Just little old me weaving together the wisdom of our previous two guests. I do this through linking their stories into ancient ones and showing us that no situation is really a new one and we, as humans have been here before and survived.

11th Dec 2020


Ayesha Jones an award winning photographer will be joining us to talk about her life as a model and a photographer whilst having scoliosis - inspiring and compassionate the conversation will uplift you and give you courage as well as make you question your own perception of 'other.' 

18th Dec 2020


Rebbecca Hemmings will be sharing all things health and inviting us to 'Glow Up.' She is a cultural diversity practitioner, mom, breast cancer survivor, motivator and trainer! The list could go on!! Her joy and positivity is infectious, just what we need during a pandemic.

8th Jan 2021


Another linking of stories shared with old folktales, fairytales and myths. This time linking the wisdom of Ayesha and Rebbecca into the tale of a girl who is norn riding a goat and brandishing a wooden spoon! 

22nd Jan 2021


Raymond Watson joins us to share the stories of his art and life. An artist, a boat builder a former political prisoner. he is inspiring, uplifting and humorous all in one go!

5th Feb 2021


Steve Killick a Clinical Psychologist, Storyteller and Trainer joins us to talk about how stories can help us in out lives.


19th Feb 2021


Weaving in the Wisdom - Once more Katrice links the wisdom of the guests to the wisdom of age old stories to enable us to better understand our current situations. 

5th March 2021


Liz Weir shares her story as a storyteller, which started when she was a children's librarian in Belfast during the 70's. She is now an international storyteller and author who also has time to run Ballyeamon Barn, a fabulous hostel in the Glens of Antrim. We should all visit after Covid!

19th March 2021


Mateja Mihinjac a criminologist and CPED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) specialist shares her work and how she tries to enable people to change the story of their neighbourhoods. 

2nd April 2021


Alys Fowler joins us to talk all about 'The Green.' We discuss the major role it plays in the continuation of the story of mankind yet, even though it is the main character in this story it has no voice. In our interview we try to enable people to hear it more clearly. Also take a look at her new children's book 'Grow, Forage and Make.'

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