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When referring to learning, this is meant in the broadest sense not just within educational settings such as schools or colleges, though these are often the places where the process is used.

Learning and creating a learning identity for our staff and students is one of the most important aspects of our work as leaders and practitioners. If a child can develop a learning identity it will stay with them a life time, enable them to develop and grow, stay curious and find interests right into later life.

There has been much talk on Carol Dwecks work regarding mindsets and the importance of developing a growth mindset. It could be said that a mindset is merely a story you choose to believe about yourself and the mindset of an organisation is the combination of those stories. With N4c offers you the tools and skills to become the narrators of your own lives and also enables groups to create the experiences and journeys they want to happen in theirs.

Here are some of the conference talks Katrice can deliver on this area and the training that is possible.

Conference Talks

Creating Learning Identities.

This talk focuses on the importance of creating learning identities with our staff, personel or students and what can hinder them from feeling they are capable or worthy of learning.

Storytelling from Classroom to Staffroom

This is aimed at schools and school authorities/municipalities. It reflects on the power of using and creating positive stories both with pupils and students as well as staff. Katrice offers tips and ideas that people can start to implement.

Child Development and Story.

This talk is aimed at Early Years Practitioners and teachers up to Year 7. It focuses on the role story can play in language development and cognitive functioning.

Change their Story

This talk focuses on ways that we as employers or as teachers can set in place a range of experiences and techniques to enable out staff and students start to change potentially negative personal narratives and see themselves as vital to their workplace, community or school.

Training Courses

These can all be customised to your specific needs. For longer term training Katrice uses Loops software to deliver and give feedback to participants, unless you wish her to use your own systems.

How to create ‘open narratives’ for your staff, community, parents and pupils

We often forget the story a school may have within a community and how vital it is that the community is involved in creating a new story should that be necessary. In this training we use a N4C approach to identify how we can involve all the stakeholders in creating and implementing the story.

Creating open narratives within the workplace

This is the same training as above but within a business or organisational setting.

Tracking the Journey

This training is all about assessment and enabling workers, staff or students to have a way of knowing whether ot not they are succeeding on a certain task and what the criteria of success is.

Subject Specific Storytelling

This training enables you to begin to craft narratives that include vital information that you wish your staff or students to know. This can range from onboarding information, feedback systems or the elements of the periodic table. Through the use of metaphor, sensory language, story structures and a range of other narrative based techniques, participants will be provided with a toolbox they can use time and time again with the people they work with.



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“What a privilege, she made such high-brow, complex concepts easy and accessible/ More than that, her vigour is so motivational, her advice in general is applicable to life in general as well as teaching.”

“I love the mix of exercises, theory and stories.”


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