Narrative 4 Presentation

It is well known that presenting in front of an audience can be one of the most intimidating and fearful experiences for many people.

Katrice has designed a range of personalised training in this area to enable people to overcome their fears, structure their talks and deliver with passion, power and conviction.

These skills are essential to teachers, leaders and anybody in the job of communication.

Katrice uses Loops software to deliver and give feedback to participants, share videos and assign tasks.

Here is some of the training that can all be customised to specific needs.

Step into Story

A beginners course that looks at memory techniques, how to sculpt a simple presentation and some basic body language techniques.

Staying in the Story

An intermediate course for those with some experience. This explores rhythm and pace, physical

space and how to use it.

Slaying the Story.

This is an advanced course for those who are experienced and looks at developing and honing your art for your audience.

In addition to the above here are a few more ways that N4C can help you. 

Specific Training for:

Librarians, Early Years Practitioners, Storytellers, CEO's and a range of other professionals.


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