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There has been a vast amount of research on how stories affect our brain showing that they can release oxytocin and serotonin and other feel good chemicals. There has also been a huge amount of research on something called Adverse Childhood Experiences, which are traumatic experiences that can happen during childhood that cause a flood of chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol. Too many of these cause our survival system to go from adaptive to maladaptive. In view of this using a narrative-based process to tackle challenging and uncomfortable subjects or situations can be incredibly effective in lessening stress and creating trust.

If it is necessary to share information and experiences that are vital to the wellbeing of those we work with, whether they are about changing lifestyles to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, or building resilience story is a powerful tool.  

Here are some of the talks that Katrice delivers on this area and some of the training that she can offer using the N4C process.

These can all be customised to your specific needs. For longer term training Katrice uses Loops software to deliver and give feedback to participants, unless you wish her to use your own systems


Conference Talks.

Adverse Childhood Experiences in your school.

With more children fleeing war zones and conflict increasing in many areas it is now vital that we have some idea of how best to work with those children who are affected. During the talk Katrice shares both research and practical ideas of what schools can do to enable these children to feel safe and to learn.

The Space Between 

This talk focuses on the specific narrative based techniques you can use to enable people share and tell their stories. If people are stressed, troubled or anxious they often cannot sequence or tell their story. Katrice will share some tried and tested techniques that can be used to enable people to create a space between their experiences and the story of them.

Training Possibilities

Narrative in developing empathy and emotional resilience

This offers techniques and ways forward for those people working with groups where there needs to be more understanding of what drives our own and others peoples actions and responses.

Narrative and Healthcare

This training is aimed at healthcare practitioners who need to find effective ways of passing on messages in order for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Intergenerational Bridges.

It is known that loneliness and isolation can effect wellbeing. In this training participants find out how they can use the N4C process to build bridges between generations or other groups of people.

In addition to the above here are a few more ways that N4C can help you. 

Narrative Research and Consultancy techniques

Neuroscience and Narrative – the research.

Narrative for empowerment and recovery.

Narrative based exercises for those working within community and home settings.


PSHE  Conference


"Very engaging, lively workshop, drew out emotional responses in the adult participants, could certainly see the potential."


"It helped me appreciate the need children have to tell/make up stories as a way of dealing with life – how useful fairy tales are in simplifying basic emotions."


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