Narrative 4 Development  



Whether you are working in a small business, large organisation or a community neighbourhood the N4C system can be used.

Conference Talks

The Power of Narrative. 

How storytelling works as a tool in development and organisational change.

Storying the Future.

A talk on the power of storytelling in creating the futures we wish to live in.

The Trinity of Tales

A talk that focuses on the impact of cultural and social narratives within our work and relationships with those we see as 'other.'

Training Courses

These can all be customised to your specific needs. For longer term training Katrice uses Loops software to deliver and give feedback to participants, unless you wish her to use your own systems.

Creating a shared vision.

Do you need people to have a tangible idea of where they are headed, a shared vision of what a good school is, or good business or good municipality? Using the N4C system you work collaboratively and deeply in identifying the vision, determining the threats and describing the solutions. This is all done within a safe space that takes into account the social and cultural narratives that can impact on the work.

Closing the Gap.

Are you aware of a 'gap' within your organisation or community? Is there a need to bring people together? N4C has a range of processes that enable people to start building bridges towards each other and towards a shared understanding. The work can take place in communities where there is a distrust of those identified as 'other' and also in organisations where there are divisions amongst the workforce.

Narrative Based Community Projects and how to run them.

Story is one of the greatest tools to bring people together. Within community settings storytelling projects can be used to great effect to raise the status of certain groups, create community cohesion and to create powerful and positive community identities. Sharing a range of former successful projects developed through the N4C approach you will be given the tools and mechanisms to start to develop your own.

Branding, Strategic Narratives and Onboarding

Harvard Business Review and Forbes identify a strong strategic narrative as one of the most essential aspects of all successful companies. In addition it is important that new personel know the story of your company and their role within it, this leads to better staff retention and stronger relationships. With the N4C system you can find out how to develop a strategic narrative and how to enable people to have a voice in it's development and implementation from day one!

In addition to the above here are a few more ways that N4C can help you. 

Narrative Mapping techniques for communities.

Creating ‘Open Narratives’ within group dialogue.

Narrative Approaches for Group work

Creating safe places for Story Sharing and resolving conflict.

Training Styles – how to be an effective trainer.

Narrative Approaches for Sustainability & Change - for those involved in Environmental work.

Narrative Research and Consultancy techniques.

Narrative in creating Social Enterprises and Social Change.




Early Years Conference

"Words cannot really express the enthusiasm and ideas I have taken from this session.  Oh for an ounce of her energy!"

"Provided an insight into child’s experiences etc. and what stories can do for people in later life, not just childhood."

"Fabulous insight into storytelling.  How tones of voice can affect the overall impact and taking into account children’s learning styles."


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